Success Story – Rukhsana

RuksanaRukhsana Shaik.

She is a widowed mother of three children. She was a Hindu by birth and in her teenage fell in love with a man from other religion. She got married to him against her family’s wish and hence did not receive any support from her relatives. In few years’ time her husband passed away
giving her and her youngest son HIV status.She was left alone with three children out from poverty of whom the youngest one is positive.

While she is staying in a slum in Nallasopara East, she met a lady who used to visit her neighbours house and this lady gave her some information about another NGO and later she was introduced to the volunteers of our social work. She began to receive support through our care programme at various levels. She had a new hope in life. She was introduced to our positive group of friends and families and the acceptance and love she received from them became an important tool in empowering her. Her children began to go to school her standard of living improved as she found a job for herself. Our care team helped her access good medical care because of which her health improved and she was able to care for her children in a better way. Today she has hope and walks with great confidence knowing that she is not alone in this journey.

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