Success Story: Madhavi Mahendra Selar

MadhaviShe was found at nearby Virar railway station. When our volunteer starting interacting with her we came to know that she is 35 years old women, she has two children and her husband stays in Mumbai central and her mother stays somewhere in Virar. She is lying there from many days and sometime her mother comes to meet her. When our volunteer went near to her to ask the reason why she is here, then she told and showed us that her leg and back side was burned somehow and that why her family was unable to take care of her and they left her at Virar station. She was unable to walk. Our volunteers went to Railway Police Force and inform them about this lady, and soon we have arranged for ambulance and took her to Virar Municipal Hospital for check-up and treatment. Same time we have coordinated with Seal Ashram at Panvel and from the Hospital we took her at Aashram. Now she is there and recovering.


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