Sahaara Gaurav

sahaara gauravHIV Care program Providing basic nutrition, medical and education support to HIV infected and affected families. Because of the awareness the rate of HIV infections has come down but there are still many families who were infected earlier and still struggling for their daily needs. We have seen that most of the families who are positive have lost their bread earner and now their children and widows are struggling. Government provides medication but there are many children and women don’t get proper nutrition. Children are not sent to school because of their parents’ ill health they are unable to work and they don’t have money to pay school fees. We provide nutrition, educational support and medical support to them.


The aim of this program is to identify such HIV infected and affected families from the communities of Vasai Virar Taluka of western Mumbai and bring them together to know that they are not alone walking with HIV/Aids but there are many people who are living with it and still they have hope to live better. We counsel these families for better living. We coordinate with other NGOs and government agencies for various supports. We continuously encourage and motivate them as most of them have lost their confidence and hope of living. HIV/ Aids has broken their heart, soul and mind.

Our Activities

  • Regularly providing Nutrition, Medical and Educational support to them.
  • Regular visits for counselling and other needs.
  • Organising outing for the families.
  • Organising get together to build relationship.
  • Organising Special programs for children.
  • Organising awareness programs on HIV and other social issues.

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