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We have many stories to tell but I will mention just one. Sushant Yadav(Name changed) was a runaway from home came to Mumbai around 10 years back, a friend brought him , he got saved, was discipled, got a family and today he is in the taking good care of his family and is even able to support other destitute families.

Now about us : This origination was initiated by Mr.Vinny Varghese and Mrs.Bhaiya DidiMini Varghese in the year 2002.Initially they were organizing prayers and social meetings weekly once at their residence with family and friends.

During their social meetings they pondered over the problems in and around their residency .They found problems like HIV affected and infected people,old and sick, abandoned by their families living in nearby slums without medical care. Initially they started helping by taking them to hospital and getting medicines from government hospitals.

It was found that they were financially very weak and there is no food in their house. Sahaara Sangati started supplying monthly ration.The wise counsel and timely help in kind was very supportive to the family members and slowly the elder family members started working and earning.

They were able to fight the disease,the stigma & the poverty, and provide children education.Slowly they became independent and Sahaara Sangati diverted the monthly ration to other needy and infected people.

Today, directly or indirectly Sahaara Sangati reaches out to around 150 members of HIV infected and affected people, and have 50 members registered for counseling and care. Thus solving this social problem from the root cause.

Also street children and runaways from homes were referred by other organizations found their way into Sahaara Sangati and found a place to grow and enrich their lives.

Now many of the beneficiaries have grown in wisdom and stature and also hold positions as trustees in the Board.

In 2011 the members with help of other like-minded friends registered the trust and in year 2016 received 80G certification also.

Let the light shine

In India Diwali is one of the main festival (the festival of lights) and more than 70% of people celebrates with their family, friends and relatives. People exchanges gifts, sweets and joy with each others.

Sahaara Sangati conducted a special program “Let the Light Shine” for the children who are homeless and beg on the streets and trains.32 children and 7 guests who support our work attended the program.

Early in the morning our staff went to the children house to get them ready by giving them bath. Now you would not believe your eyes when you look at these photos that these are the same children whose condition was pathetic. They looked like angels or rather Taare Zamin Par.


The program was started by welcoming children and guests and played a game. Children sang a song “ Hum Honge Kamyab ek din” and they did a skit which was really motivating. Some of our volunteers played some Bollywood songs that give hope to us with music, children enjoyed the songs and music.

Out of 32 children 4 of them have spoken to the audience how their life has changed. The common thing children were testifying that earlier they use to beg on the street and never went anywhere for study but Sahaara Sangati’s Balwadi gave them opportunity for the study and now they are learning and they have dream for studying further. One of the child name Suraj fell from the train and one of his legs was badly hurt, he was unable to walk, our staff Susan use to visit him and wipe and bandage his leg and then carry him to the Balwadi. He is thankful to her.

After that Chanchlesh Yadav encouraged all of them by sharing Kalapna Saroj and Patricia Narayan life stories. Both the stories were very motivating. We also showed them some motivational songs and videos

We gave them gifts and sweets. And the program ended with lunch. Children enjoyed everything.

We also thank the people who participated and supported us for this program without their contribution we could not done.

Let the Light Shine

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