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Jeevan Sangati

Group Homes
Due to poverty or family’s financial crises many youth/children leave their villages and they come to Mumbai and start residing on streets of Mumbai . We get in touch with them through other NGOs and provides them home also train them and suggest good jobs, currently we have 3 group homes.

Aim of the Project
To Mobilize and empower youths so that they can understand the meaning of their lives better and could develop their skills for making their lives useful for themselves and the society.

Our Activities

  • Provided homes to needy youths
  • Supports them for nutrition and education.
  • Provides opportunities for good jobs to them so they can earn well.
  • Overseeing their overall well being.
  • Currently we have 3 group homes.

Sahaara Jagruti

420577_10151211025450198_676055197_22872041_1249805235_nAWARENESS PROGRAMMER

In this project awareness programs are done through person to person contacts, street plays, rallies and literature on social issues, like CSA, Dowry, health &hygiene, strengthening the family, human trafficking, child marriage, women empowerment etc..

Trafficking is the fastest growing crime worldwide. In India over 500000 children are trafficked. Maharashtra ‘Buland Times’ Newspaper reports that 1400 children are trafficked for various crimes such as forced in to sexual exploitation (child prostitution), child labor, child beggaring, camel joking, slavery or the removal of organs in Nallasopara (Mumbai).

Aim of the Project
To protect children, man and women from trafficking by making them aware through street plays and rally.

Our Activities

  • Conducting Awareness rally and street plays in the poor community
  • Conducting trainings on awareness of human trafficking for youths and adults.
  • Distributing pamphlets of the same.
  • Helping people to care their children

Sahaara Jeevan

rajkumarStation Mercy Ministries

To provide care, love and shelter to poor, needy, sick, old people who have been thrown out by their own family and are found on railway stations and roadsides. We arrange for medical check-up and place them in other NGOs or old age homes.

Aim of the Project
To provide care, Love and shelter to poor, needy, sick, Old people who has been thrown out by their own family.

Our Activities

  • Meeting and building relationship with them.
  • Providing some nutrition for them.
  • Coordinating with Police and other Government officers for the referrals.
  • Arranging medical check-up.
  • Networking with other NOSs and originations for staying place.

Sahaara Pragati

Education Project

India has Worlds 6th largest number of billionaires says 7th Novembers report of the Times of India. but we have seen that our country suffers from poverty and illiteracy. We have around 30 youth and adults who are currently studying through NIOS. We also support some children whose parents are incapable let their children study. Currently we have two children who are studying in boarding, and toward conquering their dreams.

Aim of the Project
To Mobilize and support poor children, youths and Adults for education so that they can understand the meaning of their lives better and could develop their skills for making their lives useful for themselves and the society

Our Activities

  • Mobilizing and encouraging poor children, youths and adults to appear for 10th Std through NIOS
  • Support them for admission by providing loan for their study.
  • Regularly conduct special tuition classes for them.
  • Supporting poor children for their study.
  • Refer children to another NGOs and institutes.

Sahaara Gaurav

sahaara gauravHIV Care program Providing basic nutrition, medical and education support to HIV infected and affected families. Because of the awareness the rate of HIV infections has come down but there are still many families who were infected earlier and still struggling for their daily needs. We have seen that most of the families who are positive have lost their bread earner and now their children and widows are struggling. Government provides medication but there are many children and women don’t get proper nutrition. Children are not sent to school because of their parents’ ill health they are unable to work and they don’t have money to pay school fees. We provide nutrition, educational support and medical support to them.


The aim of this program is to identify such HIV infected and affected families from the communities of Vasai Virar Taluka of western Mumbai and bring them together to know that they are not alone walking with HIV/Aids but there are many people who are living with it and still they have hope to live better. We counsel these families for better living. We coordinate with other NGOs and government agencies for various supports. We continuously encourage and motivate them as most of them have lost their confidence and hope of living. HIV/ Aids has broken their heart, soul and mind.

Our Activities

  • Regularly providing Nutrition, Medical and Educational support to them.
  • Regular visits for counselling and other needs.
  • Organising outing for the families.
  • Organising get together to build relationship.
  • Organising Special programs for children.
  • Organising awareness programs on HIV and other social issues.